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La Peña Board Meeting Minutes, Dec 16, 2013

LP Board Meeting – Monday, December 16, 2013

Present: Mariola, Paul, Victor, Carol, Alex, Eric, Francine, Kristen, Ellen, and Sarah.

Meeting started at 6:15pm.

1.    Approve notes from the Nov. 18 mtg.

Carol moves to approve minutes from 11/18/13.

Paul seconds.

All in favor.

Sarah, Victor and Mariola abstain (not part of the Board at the moment.)

2.    Welcome new board members Sarah Guerra and Victor Martinez and renewed board member Mariola Fernandez.

3.    Report from ED: Kristen sees the need to form an active fundraising committee. This is a primary duty of the board, and we have an enormous opportunity between now and June 2015 with the Building Our Future campaign to be followed by 40th Anniversary activities.

ACTION: Kristen and Eric will look at the budget to determine if LP has money for hiring someone to help with fundraising.

Agreed: in the meantime we should keep a roster of ideas for fundraising; have another phone banking before the end of the year.

ACTION: Kristen will send an email to the board to inform of date for phone banking.

Addressing letter sent to the Board from some community, mural, and chorus members:

ACTION: Kristen will respond to the letter.

Points to cover: regular communication will be through our website; we are planning to go through with the renovations; schedule for the renovations; give numbers for the different phases; programming plan; general direction of LP; we look forward to open communication; we are willing to address the concerns; we are committed to our founding principles.

4.    Financial committee (financial review) by Carol of finance committee:

  • Thus far, for fiscal year 2014, our financial results are in line with the budget projections: Total revenue from the door has met our projected budget and also our overall operating expenses are in line with our budget projections.
  • We’ve received about $40,000 for the capital campaign with an additional $35,000 in pledges.
  • We’ve been doing very well with grants, particularly with key ones such as Hewlett and Haas.
  • So far we’ve taken the investment for the Café from the General Operations fund of the Cultural Center. We are not sure yet if we can use the endowment money for the Café. We are doing additional research.
  • For the most part we are living within our budget with minor variances.
  • Total budget for renovations, including contingencies: around $110,000. We have more than that amount available in cash, not including BOF pledges.
  • We would not be sending out a good message to our funders, donors, etc. if we delay the start of the project.


5.    Mural Report:

The mural group has raised most of what they’ve spent. The artists have been asked to do some touch ups on faces that some have complained about. The mural group has a plan/commitment to raise the money needed for this, which is about $3,000. There are some lights to put up too.

6.    Report from the Café Committee:

Things have been challenging. LP has invested $50,000 so far of which about $26,000 at this time is lost. The past month and a half has shown improvement in revenue.

We’re adopting a new approach to what we’re serving and doing popup kitchens where we bring a guest chef to handle the food service while the Café keeps proceeds from the sale of beverages. The most successful one so far has been the Flamenco cuisine, ñora. We are planning to start opening on Tuesdays. We are also getting interest from restaurants to take over the daytime business as a concession. The idea is that they open for breakfast and lunch and they would leave at 2:30pm. They would pay a rental fee and have a 1-year maximum lease. We had a tasting from one of these businesses and the board was very happy with the results. We also have interest from 2 more businesses. The deadline for proposals is December 20 and the Café board will make a decision by January 6. In terms of programming, there has been a lot more in the Lounge with many exciting events. We will try this arrangement for the next few months to see where we stand and re-evaluate as needed.

7.    Report from the Café Committee:

The construction schedule is being developed. Programming for February should be okay.

ACTION: Kristen will send out a report after hearing construction scheduling details this week.

8.    Capital Campaign updates (see financial report above).

9.    Kristen’s leave: Kristen presented her plan for maternity leave including time off and part-time work

10.   Set February meeting: Monday, February 3 from 6-8pm at La Peña.

Meeting ends at 8:30pm.

Food First Presents: 16 Seeds, a Documentary Short (In the Lounge)

Join Bay Area filmmaker Melinda James and the urban farmers of Digg Deep Farms and Produce for a discussion about food justice.

View the trailer here.

Picture 7

No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant (In the Lounge)

OAKLAND – The Bay Area Book Release of ‘No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar Grant’ BOOK-COVER-single-690x1024written by Thandisizwe Chimurenga will take place on 5/14. Sponsored by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and ONYX, award-winning, hip hop journalist Davey D of KPFA’s Hard Knock Radio will moderate the evening.

Chimurenga, an award-winning freelance journalist, covered the 2010 trial of the police officer accused of murder in the death of Oscar Grant, the subject of the hit 2013 film “Fruitvale Station” produced by Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker. “No Doubt” is an analysis of the trial which was moved to Los Angeles due to extensive pre-trial publicity.

Chimurenga uses her writing as political activism. In “No Doubt,” she connects the systematic state-sanctioned violence against young Black males nationally through the lens of Oscar Grant’s murder.

Books will be available for purchase. or (323) 283-9016 for more information.

Mexican Tardeada (In the Lounge)

Free/Donations requested            mexicantardeada

A monthly Sunday afternoon Mexican music jam in the café lounge. The Tardeadas are informal family-oriented gathering of musicians and Mexican music aficionados. Bring your Tejano/Norteño acordeon, guitar, bass, bajo, or percussion y aquí nos vemos!

Versus Odds

A fund raiser for typhoon relief and cultural work in the Philippines!

Versus Odds is a production team dedicated to independent artists. It is a platform and a fund raiser for critical voices and activities. The name is dedicated to the perseverance of the independent artist, for sharing the art they love through unfavorable circumstances.

In 2014, Versus Odds will be raising funds to create the first ever youth spoken word poetry slam in several regions throughout the Philippines! Our goal is to establish the poetry slam by 2015, and form a youth team to represent the Philippines in various international poetry festivals such as Brave New Voices by 2016.

versus odds

Coco Peila – releasing her new album “I Still Love Him: pt 2. Bad B!+@#es 101″
Power Struggle – releasing his new album “In Your Hands”
Jamie DeWolf
Hazel Rose
Jason Bayani
Boondock Squad

Program begins with an Open Mic. Sign-ups start at 6:30pm
Dance Party at 11:20pm

Watch the promo video here.

Visit Versus Odds on facebook.


Leonard Peltier Benefit concert Hosted by DJ Free Leonard

The Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee presents a benefit concert for Leonard Peltier, leonard peltiera Native American Activist who has been falsely imprisoned the last 38 years. The event will be hosted by DJ Free Leonard aka Aaron Mirmalek, the 1st cousin of Leonard Peltier, who has organized hundreds of artists to help secure Freedom for Peltier through benefit albums, documentaries and a live presentation featuring class material made for Peltier over the years. Guest performers include Dregs One, Monk of Hard to Stop, MC K-Swift, Deuce Eclipse w/ DJ El Kool Kyle as well as surprise guest speakers. Come join the campaign to encourage President Obama to Free Leonard Peltier!

7pm- Film screening
7:45- Discussion on the case of Peltier
8:30- Dregs One
8:45 – DJ Free Leonard
9:00 – Monk of Hard to Stop
9:15 – MC K-Swift
9:30- Deuce Eclipse w/ DJ El Kool Kyle
10:00 – Solidarity statements
10:15 – Closing words by guest speake

Roger Perkins Art Exhibit

I am a Mohawk, Bear Clan artist from Akwesasne, which is an American Indian territory that runs along the Saint Lawrence River and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

I strive at maintaining a spiritual composure as a husband, a visionary, eternal optimist and father of five children. The transition from East to West has been a positive and healthy experience for everyone in my family because we maintain traditional Mohawk customs along with a strong belief in creativity, unity and love.

I view my art as an all encompassing journey of the integration of texture and color, humans and nature, spirit and the supernatural, earth and the cosmos. As a visual artist I have produced a vast collection of paintings and digital images that illustrate my beliefs in the positive aspects of tradition and the natural world and paint images usually deep-rooted in native inspired abstract design. With my motto “educate through art” I create with a specific message and teaching in mind: to inspire and unite all.

In addition to the paintings, I am introducing an art movement I’ve started called “ Pow Wow Pop Art “. Using my paintings, original images, photo’s and borrowed/reclaimed images from the internet, other media sources, I digitally composite these images together in photoshop. These digital originals, I call Pow Wow Pop Art, become there own artistic statements both educational and entertaining. Pow Wow Pop Art is printed on canvas using archival pigments and hand stretched and embellished.


Mexican Tardeada (In the Lounge)

Free/Donations requested                                                                                           mexicantardeada

A monthly Sunday afternoon Mexican music jam in the café lounge. The Tardeadas are informal family-oriented gathering of musicians and Mexican music aficionados. Bring your Tejano/Norteño acordeon, guitar, bass, bajo, or percussion y aquí nos vemos!

Food First presents: Farmed and Dangerous – Why all the controversy about Chipotle’s Hulu Spoof series?

Farmed and Dangerous was produced by Chipotle and production company Piro.    Farmed and Dangerous_April 16-page-0

Chipotle is the sponsor for the Food For Thought initiative.

Read the blog by Food First’s executive director Eric Holt-Gimenez here.

Come join food First and join in the laughter at the expense of “Big Ag.”

Join their event on facebook.

Bay Area Flamenco presents – Direct from Spain! LIVING LEGENDS OF GYPSY FLAMENCO: Miguel Funi & Juan del Gastor

Bay Area Flamenco presents – Direct from Spain!

Premium seating $50
General seating $30

Click to buy tickets.

An evening of flamenco puro featuring a rare US appearance of the legendary singer/dancer MIGUEL FUNI and guitarist/fiestero JUAN DEL GASTOR joined by Kina Méndez & José Cortés.

MIGUEL FUNI is a true an icon of Spanish Gypsy culture. With his gallant, rooster-like stance, trademark white scarf and impeccable blue suit, his charismatic presence on the stage is unforgettable. A sublimely skilled festero, he epitomizes Gypsy flamenco’s improvisational essence.

JUAN DEL GASTOR was born in Moron de la Frontera and is a nephew of the legendary guitarist Diego del Gastor. A soulful guitarist, he has accompanied such revered singers as Camarón de la Isla and Fernanda de Utrera. A natural entertainer, Juan loves to sing and dance and his contagious good humor and spontaneity have sparked many an impromptu flamenco fiesta.

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