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EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER for Victims of Fire in Valparaíso, Chile. Sunday, April 27th, 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER for Victims of Fire in

Valparaíso, Chile

Sunday, April 27th
3pm to 9pm
Suggested donation: $5 to $100
Restaurant Valparaíso
1403 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA

Miguelito Martinez & Corazon Sur Quintet. Performing Sun. May 27. 8pm

Celebrating 15 Years! De Rompe y Raja Saturday August 27, 2011

Cultural organization dedicated to promoting and preserving Afro Peruvian arts. Conducted by Rosa Los Santos.

Sugar in the Salt: Eli Conley, Koralie “K Sugar” Hill, and Maia Papaya

$8 Adv, $10 Door




SugarInTheSalt (1)
La Peña welcomes our friends songwriters Eli Conley, Koralie Hill (The Skinny String Band) and Maia Papaya (Hip for Squares) as they debut their new indie folk trio, Sugar in the Salt. Opening the show will be Lost Angeles acoustic duo The Velopheliacs, on tour celebrating the release of their debut album, Hinterlands.

Sugar in the Salt is a newly formed indie folk trio featuring songwriters Eli Conley (guitar, vocals), Koralie “K Sugar” Hill (accordion, banjo, fiddle, vocals) and Maia “Papaya” Wiitala (upright bass, guitar, vocals). With their luscious three-part harmonies and swelling strings, these three friends serve up songs that will touch your salty heart and sugar up your funny bone.

Members of Sugar in the Salt have graced stages across the Bay Area including the Freight and Salvage, Cafe du Nord, and the San Francisco Trans March, not to mention countless livings rooms
and protest rallies. Now they are joining forces as a queer folk band that just wants to have fun!

Koralie Hill was a founding member of The Skinny String Band and queer folk-punk duoSugarInTheSaltKoralieHillSnack Time, where she was known for her quirky lyrics and considerable talent as a multi-instrumentalist. Maia Papaya is an experienced bass player and hip hop MC who is stepping up to the mic as a songwriter in her own right. She is a hilarious performer whose songs bring out the catchy pop side of Sugar in the Salt’s sound. Eli Conley has been making a name for himself in the Bay Area songwriter scene for several years with his soulful voice and rootsy songs. Eli and Maia have often teamed up in the past, most recently on tour in support of Eli’s debut album, At The Seams.

When Sugar in the Salt gets together to play, you can always count on a sweet time!

Opener Bio:

The Velopheliacs formed in May of 2013 in Los Angeles when two friends, Dylan and Sydney, decided to get together and write. During their first night writing together, they composed “Emilea”, which introduced the band’s “beautiful and haunting” musical aesthetic and would be their first official single. Soon after, photos were being taken, an email address was created, and their first show was booked. After the first show, the duo became focused with writing more songs, playing more shows, and recording their debut album, Hinterlands.

TheVelopheliacsAfter the single, “Emilea”, was released, The Velopheliacs met with producer/engineer John Would ofStanley Recordings (Fiona Apple, Warren Zevon, True Blood) and set a date to record the full length album. Recording took place December 2013-February 2014 at Stanley Recordings in Silverlake, CA, and the album was released June 21 2014.



Teach, Breathe, Learn

Mindful Community Flyer 2.0-page-0Mindful Peacebuilding presents a book launch unlike any other! Come and build mindful community with Bay Area musicians, educators and activists at Berkeley’s La Peña Cultural Center as they celebrate the publication of Teach, Breathe, Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom (Parallax Press) by international educator Meena Srinivasan. The event is free and open to anyone interested in mindfulness, peace building, and social justice. Artists will offer music from the heart, there will be an inspiring reading from Teach, Breathe, Learn and a panel with local mindful educators will share their wisdom on building mindful community. There will be a table with mindful education resources and an opportunity to purchase books from Parallax Press. Café La Peña will be open during the event to purchase food and drink. 

To Register: 

Event Website: 



Meena Srinivasan is the author of Teach, Breathe, Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom and a thought leader in the field of mindfulness in education. A contributor to United Nations publications on inclusive education, she earned a Masters degree in Education from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science from Amherst College. She has taught middle and high school students in Brazil, India and California and currently works for the Oakland Unified School District’s Social Emotional Learning & Leadership Team. Meena is a student of Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Thich Nhat Hanh and was involved in the creation of his bestselling book Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Mindfulness in Education Network, was Core Faculty of the Mindful Education Institute, and served on the Advisory Board of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum’s exhibit, Yoga: The Art of Transformation. 

Francisco ‘Pancho’ Ramos Stierle is a Mexican-born former astrophysics student turned full-time community activist and humanitarian. He has a deep mindful meditation practice and became a known figure of the Occupy movement after being arrested while meditating during the dismantling of the Occupy Oakland Camp. Pancho was previously a doctoral student of astrophysics at the University of California at Berkeley, but when he realized his work would serve as one of the institution’s facades to create “safer nuclear weapons,” he resigned from the program, stopped cooperating with the university and became involved in community organizing. An avid student of Gandhi, Pancho believes that “if we are working for liberation, we better stop paying for war,” and that his energy would be better used encouraging “matching the collective madness with a collective love. 

JG Larochette, Founder & Executive Director of the Mindful Life Project was recently featured on the Katie Couric show, highlighting efforts to bring mindfulness to children in Richmond, CA. He was born and raised in Berkeley, CA and then went on to attend Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, where he received his B.S. in Psychology and was a 4 year scholarship player on the baseball team. After graduating from SMC, he felt a deep desire to work with children in underserved communities in the Bay Area. He’s worked at Sports4Kids (now Playworks) in Oakland and Richmond, and holds a Bilingual Teaching Credential. As a classroom teacher he built invaluable relationships with students, families and community implementing culturally relevant pedagogy, with an emphasis on the social-emotional aspect of the students. He a very committed mindfulness practice that he is passionate about sharing with the world. JG brings a deep passion for equity, social justice, peace, and community unity. In creating Mindful Life Project he wants to help provide a space where all students feel valued, empowered and loved. 

Theo Koffler is dedicated to social impact, and founded Mindfulness Without Borders, a non-profit that focuses on advancing Social and Emotional Learning and secular mindfulness in educational, healthcare and corporate settings. The primary focus is strengthening the essential skills and practices that enable young people, educators and professionals to connect with the present moment and use this awareness to bolster attention, regulate emotions and build resilience to stress. MWB’s core programs are offered in a variety of formats, such as in-school councils, in-person workshops and online learning. From 2007-2013, MWB programs crossed over eight international borders, including United States, Canada, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Israel, Jamaica, and Botswana and served more than 4,000 youth in 60+ high schools, 1,500 educators and 600 health professionals. In 2013, MWB launched its first-ever online certification program that enables people across the globe to receive the training needed to bring its evidence-based programs to the youth in their respective community. In 2014, the first cohort of online graduates expanded the youth program to an additional 15+ new cities around the world. Theo has served on several boards and advisory committees including the Hawn Foundation, Inner Kids, and the Garrison Institute – where she co-authored the first-ever mapping report on Contemplation and Education in K-12 Educational Settings in the United States. 


Young Whan Choi graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University and has his Master’s in Teacher Education from Teachers College. His passion is to make schools places that validate young people, their families, their culture and their history. He wants all students to understand and value their ancestral roots, possess self-awareness, and act compassionately to address injustice. He has led the development of a national online Ethnic Studies curriculum and co-chaired Oakland Unified School District’s Ethnic Studies Task Force. Through his work in public schools in New York City, Providence, RI, and Oakland, CA, he has developed expertise in classroom instruction, curriculum design, work-based learning, and teacher professional development. Since 2007, he has practiced mindfulness in the lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh. Currently, as the Civic Engagement Coordinator in Oakland Unified School District, he is leading an initiative to ensure that all high school students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and habits to be active members of their community. 


Aaron Ableman (aka A-Natural) is a widely celebrated entertainer, author, and ecologist. He has worked with Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Cypress Hill, Raffi, K’NAAN, Joan Baez, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Les Nubians, amongst many others. From India to Haiti, he has produced award-winning education and entertainment programs for children and youth. His life and work have been heralded in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, MTV, CNN, New York Times, Montreal Mirror, San Francisco Examiner, amongst others. Aaron is a Founder/Chief Creative Officer at BALANCE Edutainment, a social enterprise that develops award-winning entertainment for children and families. He is also the author and co-creator of the celebrity-studded children’s musical, Pacha’s Pajamas. 

Broderick Rodell is an educator of human potential, musician and martial artist. He also has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. Broderick is a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga. He feels that his daily, personal practice is the means by which he is able to express his highest self in service to others. In his yoga classes, workshops and retreats he incorporates knowledge gathered from the western sciences of psychology, physiology and anatomy to compliment the rich yoga science from India.

Son Jarocho Workshop with Mono Blanco

son jarocho flyer4 (4)-page-0The Son Jarocho workshops at La Peña happen every Thursday, and this week Mono Blanco will be teaching!

Learn fundamentals in jarana, zapateado, canto, and some percussion in a holistic approach to studying son jarocho.  These classes are a continuation of PAZ: Fandango Urbano and are opportunities to get together and discover the protocols associated with fandango and the practice of a community music.

As our friends and master artists from Veracruz come through the Bay Area, they will be invited to give the classes.

Revolutionary Skype Session: Brazil

brazil-flyerWhat did Brazil’s workers’ struggle look like leading up to the World Cup? Sao Paulo metro workers, Rio de Janiero airport workers and bus drivers in Natal all went on strike while huge popular mobilizations were held throughout the country. 

Join Advance the Struggle and La Pena 2nd Generation for this skype conversation with Ian Steinman, activist in Rio de Janerio, about this wave of struggle in Brazil, its relationship to the world’s most popular event, and the current state of the movement as the cup comes to an end.

This is a FREE event sponsored by:

Advance the Struggle:


La Peña 2nd Generation

Celebrating 39 years of culture at La Peña

La Peña Cultural Center has been a lively cultural space in Berkeley for the past 39 years. Since it’s doors opened, La Peña has served as a community cultural center promoting a wide diversity of cultural traditions from the Americas and Caribbean as well as promoting social and political justice. Doing so, La Peña has created the perfect mixture of politics and the arts in a community that is known for its diversity.


This past month of June has been filed with celebrations geared towards celebrating La Peña’s 39 years of promoting peace, social justice and action, as well as cultural awareness through the arts and education. Paz: Fandango Urbano was one of La Peña’s 39th anniversary events that filled the theater with sones jarochos. A son jarocho is a regional folk musical style pertaining to Veracruz and the Gulf of Mexico consisting of the jarana jarocha, a guitar shaped instrument, a requinto jarocho or guitarra de son, which is also similar to a small guitar, a pandero jarocho, similar to a tambourine, a quijada, typically made of a donkey or horse jawbone and conga drums or a cajon.

Once the doors opened and people greeted each other and took their seats, the musicians came out onto the stage and began playing their harmonious and lively music, that were composed and put together in previous Fandango workshops and jam sessions.  These sones reflect the Bay Area experience of those who have partaken in the past Fandango Urbano workshops. The lead artists, Maria de la Rosa would zapatiar to the music in her traditional son jarocho dress adding the rhythm of her tapping heels as she danced to the music. The zapatiado dance is a traditional dance in fandangos and is also a form of percussion, having their dance essentially become an instrument. After playing a few sones the artists, invited the audience to dance and to come up and showcase their zapateado. Once the artist were done with their performance, they invited the audience to jam with them in a Fandango Urbano and create new community sones.

Listening to sones for the first time, was really a pleasing musical experience. The combination of the small acoustic instruments gave the music it’s folkloric accent, while the cajon conga drums, and the zapatiado dance gave the music it’s percussive rhythm.


The following day after Paz: Fandango Urbano, La Peña held it’s open house to invite the community to see the newly renovated lounge and cafe, which now  serves farm fresh Mexican food from “Los Cilantros,” and to officially celebrate La Peña’s 39 year anniversary with live music and the broadcasting of World Cup’s match between the U.S.A. and Portugal. The afternoon started off with a performance by Gail Dobson’s vocal class, which consisted of the community’s children singing popular songs and the Latin American Songbook class who were both very good and showcased both group and solo performances. There was also Salsa, Bomba y Plena, Cumbia, and other diverse genres of Latin and Afro-Cuban music, that just made you want to get up and dance, like some of the attendees did. The food provided by “Los Cilantros” was also very savory and fresh. I had the opportunity to try their chicken tamales and they were simply delicious. The fresh agua de piña (pineapple water) was also very sweet and refreshing and complimented in my opinion the chicken tamales. The World Cup also started soon after, which drew soccer fanatics as the U.S. and Portugal played an intense and suspenseful game, which lead to a draw between the two teams. La Peña was additionally holding a silent auction. The auction consisted of many paintings and posters that reflected what La Peña stands for culturally and politically, as well as books and other cultural objects from different areas.


Attending both events made my weekend truly a different experience from the typical routine. In two days I heard a wide variety of new music and was able to enjoy and be exposed to the different compositions of other cultures besides my own, try some wonderful and appetizing food, as well as being able to enjoy it with the local community all thanks to La Peña Cultural Center. My favorite part was the Fandango, where majority of the audience made a circle around the band and artists and began having a jam session with traditional Veracruz folk music, which I would never thought possible for folk music. The soccer match, was an adrenaline pumper, as people would stand up and cheer as their team came close to scoring and things got even more exciting towards the end, the energy in La Peña was really something else. Being able to attend La Peña’s 39th anniversary celebration really was a great cultural experience and a fun time.

About the author: Sonia is currently  an intern at La Peña, as a part of her work field. She first heard of La Peña Cultural Center through her Chicano Studies advisor at UC Berkeley. She took interest in becoming an intern at La Peña, as it provides a space for people of all cultures to showcase their cultures through the arts, spoken word, and theater performances. She is currently finishing her bachelors at Cal and hopes to use the experience learned at La Peña to further promote cultural and ethical awareness.

Euphoric Dance, Footless Dancers (In the Lounge)

Solo exhibition by Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo                OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
May 1- June 30, 2014
Reception June 7 from 6-9pm

In her solo exhibition, Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo presents artwork from her body of work The Euphoric Dance of the Unconquered Mind. Her highly textured, brightly colored oil paintings of danzantes, indigenous Mexican dancers (Mexika dancers) reflect the energy created by the dancers as a symbol of unity and mental strength. Montelongo is also introducing mixed-media paintings from her new series, Footless Dancers. These paintings combine the energy of the work in The Euphoric Dance of the Unconquered Mind with lines from her poem “Footless Dancers”. The poem addresses the indigenous resistance to European beliefs, values, and lifestyle.

Music by: Grupo Puyakan Cumbia
Click here to visit them on facebook.

Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo

World Devotional Music with Fanna-Fi-Allah & BOLO

Fanna-Fi-Allah                                                                                                                           bolo

The Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali Ensemble is the leading representation of this music worldwide. Through their consistent high profile appearances in both Pakistan & abroad they have captured the hearts of thousands.

The intensity of their stage performance with its smooth melodic overtures, fierce leaps of vocal passion ridding on heavy rhythmic grooves & rich vocal choruses have captivated audiences in Pakistan, India, North Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, the USA and beyond.

After another winter of Qawwali events abroad at such prominent places as the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Urs Pak Pattan ( Pakistan’s largest Qawwali event ), New Delhi ( India ) & Australia; the members of Fanna-Fi-Allah reunite in California for their 13th annual American summer tour.

Coming from the initiated lineage of iconic Qawwali great Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, this ensemble continues onward towards promoting Pakistan’s great Sufi tradition in the west.


With an all-star line up of musicians from acclaimed bands Hamsa Lila, Eliyahu & the Qadim Ensemble, Dirtwire, the Dogon Lights, and Trio Paz, BOLO makes songs to transport and inspire. Joining rhythms and instruments from many lands, with a fresh improvisational approach, BOLO’s music spans worlds: entrancing sounds to move your body and uplift the soul.

$20 Adv, $25 Door

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